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Service Times
Contact: (615) 373-4353

Benevolence (Individual) - Handled through the office

Benevolence (Institutional) - Brian Jones

Budget/Finance - Ron Cooper

Bus Activities - John Rutledge

Children's Bible Hour - Frank Walton

Christian Service Groups -

Computers/Website - Bill Locke

Education - Jordan Vaughn

Emergency Care - Tom Taylor

Facilities Manager for Weddings Only - Handled through Office

Fellowship Activities- Shawn Everson

Facility, Grounds and Equipment - Justin Zelnick

Inner City Program - Jeff Hammond & Steve King

Involvement Ministry - Kevin Hulen

Jail Ministry - Dave Beasley

Kids for Christ -James Barrett

Kitchen Activities -Shawn Everson

Lads to Leaders - Shane Austin

Library & History -

Local Evangelism - Alan Stephens

Lord's Supper to Shut Ins -Carl Haedge

Media Archivist/ Video Streaming -Bill Locke & Kevin McCormac

Members & Attendance - Roger Jenkins

Missions - Ryan Staggs & Keith O'Neal

New Member Orientation - Roger Jenkins

Perimeter Security - Matt Barnes

Public Relations/Advertising -Shawn Humphrey

Senior Transportation -

Singing Ministry - Jeff Thomas

Visitation Ministry - Mac Alsup

World Bible School - Dj Smith

Youth Group - Brad Jones, Chris Rhodes, Scott McFarlin, Kevin Montgomery