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Shawn Everson

I began attending Concord Road in 1986, as Amy (my wife of 27 years) and I began dating seriously. Amy and her family were charter members of the Concord Road congregation, which was established in 1967.

We met while attending Lipscomb University in 1985, and were married three years later. We have a beautiful 15 year old daughter, Abby, who is a 10th grader at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville.

I have worked for Ingram Content Group for the past 15 years, selling books (yes, I said books). Both Amy and I love teaching classes at church and truly enjoy this God given talent. I have taught classes in all age groups (HS, College, Young Professional and Adult), while Amy has spent most of her time teaching young children (1st or 2nd grade) on both Sunday morning and in the Inner City program on Tuesdays. Amy has also taught ladies bible classes.

I have held deacon responsibilities in the areas of Fellowship, Inner City, Lads to Leaders and Bible Bowl over the last 15 years and love church work.

I am truly humbled to be called a shepherd of the Concord Road congregation and cherish the thought that I can help lead the future of this already strong body of Christians. We have a very strong “bible based” church where families can grow spiritually and have fellowship with Christians who share the common goal of following God’s word, as it is written.

Carl Haedge

It all started when two of our six children moved from Minnesota to Tennessee in June, 2004 with seven of our ten (at the time) grandchildren. Any surprise that Marilyn and I started making plans shortly afterward to follow our grandchildren? When my mother was told of our plans she moved immediately and made Concord Road her home church.

We were able to leave MN in 2008 and, since our home and the other half of the group was at the Southern Hills Church of Christ just down Interstate 65, we settled there. But my mother’s declining health brought us up to Concord Road late in 2011 so that she might remain with her dearest friends.

Marilyn and I have been married for 45 years. We met while she was a nurse and I was in dental school. It was hard to leave MN for so many reasons, especially our close ties to our home congregation there, since we both had long been teachers and I was an elder for our last five years. After the move I continued teaching, served as a deacon, and now am pleased to serve again as a shepherd.

You will find the Concord Road family to be extremely welcoming and a true family of God in Christ devoted to diligently seeking His will and devoted to pleasing Him in all aspects.

Rick Scott

In 1980 an Ohio boy met a West Tennessee girl on a blind date and subsequently married (eloped) in Memphis, TN in 1981. Autumn and I moved to Nashville from the Cleveland, Ohio area in July of 2011 and by the end of that year we knew we had found a friendly and doctrinally sound church home here at Concord Road. We are blessed with three wonderful children: Samantha, Rachel, and Ethan.

I am a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University, Harding School of Theology, and Pittsburg Theological Seminary where I earned various degrees in Biblical Studies and served as a minister for 10 years before switching careers and becoming a CPA. I started teaching various Bible classes when I was 16 years old and have enjoyed teaching ever since. In addition, I have had the opportunity to serve in ministries including, benevolence, edification, treasurer, and church planning and leadership at various congregations.

Autumn is a graduate of Freed Hardeman University with a degree in Psychology. After spending the first 10 years of our marriage working outside the home she embraced the role of a stay at home wife and mother after the birth of our first child. Autumn has enjoyed teaching Bible classes for age’s infant thru adult women and serving in other church ministries.

The members of Concord Road have truly honored me by asking me to serve as one of the shepherds and I hope to honor their trust by guarding the flock, helping us stay faithful to Biblical teachings, and encouraging all members to grow in their knowledge and faith of our Lord.

Dwayne Stubblefield

I have been attending Concord Road since I moved to Brentwood with my parents in 1976. My parents are still active at Concord Road 38 years later.

I am a graduate of David Lipscomb College in 1984 and have been selling veterinary pharmaceuticals for 27 years. I met my wife, Leanne, here in 1988 and we have been married since 1990. We have raised 3 boys here; Clay, Cody, and Colin.

We are thankful to have a church committed to a strong youth program for our boys to be associated with. Leanne and I have taught together in the Bible program for many years and currently teach the 5th graders. I have worked as our deacon over missions for the past 22 years. This has been a great blessing to me and very humbling as well.

Concord Road supports and serves so many Godly, wonderful, and hard working men in so many parts of the world. I have grown in my spirituality so much over the years working and visiting with these great men, both here and in my visits abroad with them.

I also have several Godly mentors here at Concord Road to thank for guidance and wisdom they gave me along this journey. My vision for Concord Road is to stay the course that has been so successful for preaching and teaching the Truth for all of the years I have attended here. I am so thankful that we all work so well together and are happy pulling in one direction here at Concord Road and I want to be a part of that group who maintains this unity for years to come.

Buddy Williams

An elder since 2005 and previously for five years. Linda and I have been members of Concord Road since 1968. We were married in 1965 at the Lawrence Ave. Church of Christ which formed Concord Rd. in 1967.

I previously served as a deacon and Linda and I have been teachers for many years. All of our children, three daughters, grew up here. Lisa and Lori are married and their families are members of Brentwood Hills Church of Christ. Leeann is a member here. Linda is a retired school teacher and I am a retired engineer.

Outside our church activities, we spend most of our time with our families and six grandchildren.