Concord Road
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Service Times
Contact: (615) 373-4353
Mac Alsup

Little Leaders & Leaderetts

Visitation (6th-8th)

Shane Austin

Lads to leaders

Matt Barnes

Safety Team & Cameras

James Barrett

Kids for Christ

Dave Beasley

Jail Ministry

Mark Collins

Worship Service Participants

Brian Cooper

World Bible School

Ron Cooper

Budget and Finance

Ryan Daniel


Jeff Hammond

Inner City Program

Kevin Hulen

Member Involvement & Retention

Shawn Humphrey

Public Relations & Advertising

Brad Jones

2-5 Year Old Youth

Scott McFarlin

6th to 8th Grade Youth

Kevin Montgomery

9th to 12th Grade Youth

Cammie Neal

Environmental Management

Lee O'Dell

Family and Individual Outreach

Keith O'Neal


Chris Rhodes

1st to 5th Grade Youth

John Rutledge

Bus Activities

Greg Smith

Bible Bowl

Alan Stephens

Evangelism Ministry

Jeff Thomas

Singing Ministry

Jimmie Tullis


Worship Service Participants

Jordan Vaughn


College Class